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A few questions...

Dear Robert

I am the salesguy at Digital Vision (actually manager for marketing & sales)
that everone on the net disclaims of having any relationship with.....It is
difficult to be serious with so many friends are listening in. 

You did mention MNR11 and that ALWAYS triggers a reaction from our end. The only
thing I will say at this time in writing is that if you find that the term
"digital wet gate" is the exaggeration of the week then we would be honoured if
you would care to loan a unit from us and compare it with your MNR11. In
addition to this we have recently shown a new tool, the CSR -continous scratch
remover that does a halfdecent job in concealing vertical scratches. This too
warrants comparison with the BTS box. 

Since it has been so clearly hinted that I will be defined as the nurd of the
net if I try another salespitch, then could you offer me your address in order
to let you know that we also produce some other fine tools for your trade?

A final word, recently a message was posted on the net from Mr. Elliot. It is an
excellent, albeit brief, explanation behind the theory of operation of the dirt
remover. If everything else fails, liquids, electrostatics, wiping, rolling,
etc. then the ASC is can save the day.

Best Regards

Mike Reichel at Digital Vision
compuserve 100316,1467