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Re: Telecine Help Wanted

Dave, on the strength of both this submission and your reputation, I
am subscribing you to our (not-so) humble group.

If you don't wish to subscribe, drop me a note.  And please say hi to
Dan Rosen for me.


On May 12, 15:40, "Dave Corbitt" wrote:
} Subject: Telecine Help Wanted

>                       Subject:                              Time:  2:26 PM
>   OFFICE MEMO         Telecine Help Wanted                  Date:  5/12/95
> This is Dave Corbitt calling.  Manhattan Transfer in New York is in need of at
> least one more well rounded Telecine Engineer.  If you know of anyone who may
> qualify please pass this info on so they can contact me.  My voice phone # is
> (212) 687-4000, FAX # is (212) 687-8023, and internet E-mail  address is
> DC at mte.com
> Drop me a line to say hello.
> Thanks
> Dave Corbitt
> Director of Telecine Engineering
> Manhattan Transfer / Edit, Inc.
> 545 Fifth Ave.
> New York, NY 10017

}-- End of excerpt from "Dave Corbitt"

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