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Re: audio delay products

At 4:43 PM 5/12/95, Bill Topazio wrote:
> Reply to:     RE>audio delay products
>My fave is the NVision stuff. I have 2 AES delay units, which are
>easily settable by half-frames (both PAL and NTSC) and one TC delay
>module. I put ADC and DAC before and after the AES delays, so I can
>do both AES and analogue delays. It works, it sounds good and it's

Right on Bill! There only a couple of manufrs in the world who *really*=
 understand digital audio and make terminal equipment, and you can name them=
 on the fingers of half a hand! NVision in CA and Pro-Bel in the U.K. The=
 reason is that Birney Dayton at NVis. and Robin Caine at Pro-B make up the=
 lion's share of the AES committee!! (Or maybe its the other way around?)=
 Anyway, we use both companies' products at Editel/LA, they both offer=
 balanced or unbalanced (co-ax) if you want it, and they both have (in our=
 experience) superb after-sales service.

Regards--Mike O