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Re: Telecine Home Page

On May 15, 13:07, "Dave Corbitt" wrote:
>                       Subject:                              Time:  11:16 AM
>   OFFICE MEMO         Telecine Home Page                    Date:  5/15/95


> I was unable to log on to XYZOOM this morning. Got message "Unable to
> locate host".  I was able to log on to other addresses though.  Maybe
> the problem is at your end?  I don't know enough about this stuff yet
> to figure it out.

Dave, I had my first experience this weekend (and into this morning,
and perhaps ongoing) with someone trying to break into my system.  I
saw it first on Saturday during a casual look at my ppp interface
traffic, as a cavalcade of finger, telnet, and ftp requests, all
coming from the same host and almost simultaneous. 

Well, it so happens that last month I picked up SATAN off the net
(perhaps you've heard of it), compiled it, and used it to probe my own
network and a friend's (as a favor to him).  Because of this I was
familiar with how it does its job, which is to find the holes in an
internet host.  It does exactly what I saw on my ppp stream, a flurry
of logins.  SATAN alerted me to a couple of potential security issues,
but I thought naaah, nobody's going to mess with my little net, what
reason would they have?

To make a long story short, I've had to tighten the packet filtering
on xyzoom, and in the process had some rebooting happening yesterday
and early this morning.  There should be no problem accessing the
telecine homepage, or any other www service here, but I'm still trying
to work out the ramifications of allowing/disallowing ftp.  So it's
possible that incoming ftp connections will not be allowed until I
decide if the anonymous server is secure.  I think ftp via the WWW
service should still be possbile, as it's not really a login, and is
more secure...


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