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a few issues from Dave Corbitt

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Date: Mon, 15 May 1995 13:07:10 -0400
From: "Dave Corbitt" <dave_corbitt at ny-admin.mte.com>
Subject: Telecine Home Page

1.  I'd like to know what various people are doing to limit D-1
signals to some kind of Legal Limits for eventual encoding?  The issue
is related to clients wanting to control the color gamut displayed on
the Color Correction master monitor while in D-1 format so it doesn't
get modified downstream by being Proc'd to make it
broadcastable. Sorry for the run on sentence. I wasn't an English

2.  Noise with URSA.  Can we talk about this?  I don't wish to do any
Rank bashing, but I wonder what others experiences are with noise on
URSA vs.  highly tweeked MK3C's? We see about 6-10 dB less noise on
MK3's than URSA ( Observations are from our in house TK's.  The MK3's
in house are highly modified but probably not more so than in any
other well supported facility).  

3.  User results with various CRT's.  We find the increased light
output of T.E.'s AFD CRT's help get our MK3's quiet.  Can't wait to
try one on one of our URSA's.

4.  What is the scuttle butt on Dave Schnuelle's 8:4:4 mods (Hi-Res
1440 in collaboration with Digital Vision and Preferred Video
Products)?  Interesting concept especially for the long format feature
transfer business.  

5.  Has anyone got personal experience with the
Auto Shading kit offered by Options from Willie Kirst?  Is it linear
over the full tonal range for both Positive and Negative? Does it
track with Scan Tracking and XYZoom changes?  

6.  Pet Peeve---Not enough people out there are using Masking.  Of
course the masking provided by Rank for MK3's was always wrong but
since the advent of Kodak's TAF films that is easy enough to correct.
With URSA the User Masks can be programmed to be accurate.  MK3's will
not respond predictably without Lift After Gamma, a mod that I
implemented to use the BBC specified part of the Color Channel in the
original ColorGrade years ago.  Rank always left the components out
for some reason and did Lift Before Gamma which compromises the TK
performance particularly in Negative mode. Then Rank started putting
it in on Turbo Versions.  Anyway, it makes Negative Colorgrading a lot
easier to not have Gain and Lift interact. The guy watching over my
shoulder says I'm getting on a soap box so it's time to log off.

Dave Corbitt

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