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Re: a few issues from Dave Corbitt

     On issue #1
     What many of my clients are using is the Tektronix WFM-601 and WFM-601i 
     serial/parallel component digital waveform monitor and the "diamond 
     display" feature in this unit.  This feature in the WFM-601 was designed 
     for just this situation and to my knowledge, it delivers.
     It will show you, (tell you if you hook up and activate the alarm), when 
     you have exceeded NTSC legal gamut limits for encoding.
     Outside of the NTSC artifacts related to encoding itself (bandwidth, 
     serration, filtering, etc.), it's WYSIWYG.
     I was hoping to put this unit into Hollywood Digital's telecine and 
     component digital edit bays when I was the Project Engineer for HD.  It 
     just was not available at the time and I had to design other waveform 
     interim solutions.
     Current facilities that I have been working with who are TOTALLY COMPONENT 
     DIGITAL who are using the WFM-601 and 601i are C|Net Central, and The Game 
     Show Network.  
     Would like to hear from other users of the WFM-601 on this issue.
     Hope this helps.
     Nathan Simmons
     Digital Production Systems
     Sony BPPG
     Hollywood, CA

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Subject: a few issues from Dave Corbitt
Author:  Rob Lingelbach <rob at xyzoom.alegria.com> at sonycom
Date:    5/15/95 3:17 PM

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1.  I'd like to know what various people are doing to limit D-1 
signals to some kind of Legal Limits for eventual encoding?  The issue 
is related to clients wanting to control the color gamut displayed on 
the Color Correction master monitor while in D-1 format so it doesn't 
get modified downstream by being Proc'd to make it
broadcastable. Sorry for the run on sentence. I wasn't an English