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Re: Neon Lights

On May 15, 17:39, KEVIN SHAW wrote:
} Subject: Neon Lights

> I am currently working on a corporate job, which involves a lot of
> shots in factories with neon (green ) lights. I have not really found
> an optimum method of neutralising the green - can anybody offer some
> sugestions

Kevin, I assume neon is synonymous with fluorescent?

I've had success in the past with the following method, hard-won with
the transfer of Lucky's and Ralph's commercials (these are two
supermarkets in the L.A. area, the size of airplane hangers, where DP's
seldom replace the fluorescent bulbs with anything suitable):

(possible that you know this technique, and are asking for a
different, better way to do this)

If the lights are contaminating the whites of the shot *in general*,
bias the primaries toward magenta (significantly, sometimes)
sufficient to balance the whites.  Now you'll have balanced whites,
but there will be an uneven magenta cast over other values.  Use the
secondaries, in a moderately wide vector swath, to neutralize this
magenta.  The one problem with this is that any "native" magenta in
the scene will disappear along with the contamination.  I've found, in
the supermarket spots, there aren't that many magenta products, so I
get away with it most of the time.  


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