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Re: Thick Face CRT's

We've been using a TE AFD Platinum Plus for about 4 months in our MKIIIC and
are extremely happy with its performance. The extra light makes a big
difference. Delivery at that time took longer than I would have liked.

We became very unhappy with our prior Brimar Gold tube following our
installation of Digital Deflection - the granularity of that tube was greatly
accentuated by the wonderful spot size from Digital Deflection.

We have not found it necessary to change out the extended blue PEC to
accomodate this tube although TE warned us that we might. Maybe the overload
is a preamp issue? (We are running Rank 1099s).

We did find it nedessary to ND the burn cell to get a useful amplitude.

We are also using Dave Corbitt's "blemish leveler" burn signal processor (from
 Options) with noticeable improvement in the burn corrector's performance.

-Chuck Heuer, Image Group NYC