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reply to old posting, Film

                      Subject:                              Time:  10:15 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         reply to old posting, Film Wrap       Date:  5/17/95

Since I'm new here I'm trying to do catch up on old issues and couldn't resist
putting in my 2 cents.  A question posted in March was about 35mm film wrap on
the capstan.  We have always called the straight across wrap "Z" wrap and use
it almost all the time.  The scratches described from using this wrap are
indeed caused by the heavy stainless steel precision roller touching the
picture area of the film during shuttle or stopping and starting the film. 
The inertia of the roller causes it to not turn synchronously with the film
when the direction of the film is changed or it is stared or stopped and the
shallow cut in of the main part of the roller relative to the shoulders of the
roller edges allow the film to bend inwards and touch the center portion of
the roller.  What we did to resolve this was to send the precision rollers to
a good machinist who put them on a lathe, turned them down in the large center
area to reduce the diameter about 1/8th of an inch.  No more scratches.  Of
course, the capstan has to be in real good shape to make sure there is no
slippage when you do this since the contact area is much smaller than the
Audio or Omega wrap.
Dave Corbitt
Manhattan Transfer