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DVR-1000, Beta Set Up, repl

                      Subject:                              Time:  10:22 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         DVR-1000, Beta Set Up, reply          Date:  5/18/95

In reply to John Sellars statement from last Feb. about no set up on DVR-1000
YUV outputs.  There are actually two sets of YUV outputs from the DVR-1000, 
The outputs on the BNC sockets are SMPTE/EBU levels without set up and with
U/V levels of 700mv peak to peak with 100% saturated color bars.  The other
outputs are on a Beta Multi-pin connector and can be connected to your
patchbay or however you get in and out of the analog signals via an adaptor
set up that I'm sure your engineering staff can rig up.  These Multipin
outputs are Sony Beta levels and should not be used the same as the SMPTE/EBU
signals.  The Beta levels put set up on Y (in 525) and crank up the U/V levels
to be 700mv p-p for 75% saturated color bars.  If you connect your Beta
machine up to the wrong spigots you will wind up with a beta recording with
the wrong chroma levels and no set up.  Likewise if you feed the Beta Signals
to a device looking for SMPTE/EBU levels the Set up and Chroma levels will
cause a non-standard condition. Back when we were first dealing with component
signals it took a while to realize that thwere are at least two standards of
signal level for YUV.  Our solution for dealing with Analog Component was to
convert everything that remained Analog to Sony Beta levels mainly because at
the time that was what most of the analog compomnent signals came from or went
to.  We have carried that philosophy forward to our present configuration of
interfacing analog   signals to the Serial Digital router via A to D's, D to
A's, patchbays, etc.
Dave Corbitt