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Re: Super 16

At 09:09 PM 5/18/95 -0400, JKreines at aol.com wrote:
>Dave Corbitt writes:
>)))When upgrading a
>Telecine for S-16 don't forget to also change the 16 sprocket wheel on the
>Mag Transducer for a S-16 type as well as all the normal rollers.  (((
>Huh?  The sepmag is just plain 16mm (or 35mm).  There's no such thing as
>Super-16 mag film!  ;-)  
>Or was it a joke?
Nope.  No joke.  No 35mm mag stripe thank God! But there is a roller with a
sprocket that puts out a biphase tach signal that is used to drive external
mag machines, Evertz Keycode boxes, and other devices.  It is commonly
referred to as the sep mag tach transducer, or tach wheel, or framus or?
Dave is right that the 16mm sprocket must also be changed or modified.  This
is a point that many overlooked when dealing with S16 for the first time.
It was also good he mentioned the film cleaners as well, because they to are
often forgotten when Super 16 suddenly gets booked for the first time.