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Re: Super 16

At 12:45 AM 5/19/95, JKreines at aol.com wrote:
>Bob Festa writes:
>))))))>)))When upgrading a
>>Telecine for S-16 don't forget to also change the 16 sprocket wheel on the
>>Huh?  The sepmag is just plain 16mm (or 35mm).  There's no such thing as
>>Super-16 mag film!  ;-)  
>>Or was it a joke?
>I think both Rob and myself can tell you that super 16 is no joke. 
>Any roller that comes in contact with expanded aperture 16mm film has
>potential to ruin the source negative where the optical track area would
>normally be.
>Especially be aware of the drive rollers in Lipsner-Smith film cleaners.
>God those memories are painful.((((((
>But, Bob, the sepmag dubber (usually a stepper-drive Magnatech) never ever
>touches picture negative in any way, shape or form...  and conversely the
>(sep)mag film never goes through the Rank or the Lipsner Smith.  So (unless
>there is some arcane ritual I am totally unaware of) there is no way at all
>that the sprocket or rollers or anything else on the sepmag machine (dubber)
>need modification.
>I do recall 20+ years ago that lazy projectionists would sometimes rewind
>workprint on a MagnaTech, and, true, the would scratch it to pieces.  But I
>can't imagine anyone putting neg on a dubber for any reason!
>Jeff Kreines

Jeff, engage brain before putting typing fingers in gear!
Read the above carefully and you will see that Bob is referring to the SEPMAG TRANSDUCER on a Rank deckplate. The Festmeister has been around
long enough to have been burnt by miscellaneous rollers etc on the Rank
not being to Super 16 specs, as heve we all. So yes, we are engaged in
an arcane ritual here in Hollywood:
its called high-quality film transfer!
Mike O