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Re: Super 16

At 10:46 PM 5/18/95 -0700, Mike Orton wrote:
>At 10:06 PM 5/18/95, Craig Nichols wrote:
>>The most painful Super 16mm memory I had was years ago at Editel when they
>>would book a "generous" 30 minute bumper between jobs to change tubes
>>(without a spare cradle). Then, I got to shade for the awful Rank Stupid
>>16mm gate with the Coke bottle lens. ;-) 
>It may be to Craig's chagrin, but URSA is the only machine kitted out to do
super16 at Editel. Thank God for accumulated wisdom. But we make up for it
by doing *stupid 8*
>Yours in pain.... Mike O


Yes indeed, eventually the leaning curve wins! Is that "digital stupid 8"
(to D1 or DCT)? Probably the same type of clients that bump VHS to DCT. You
know the ones that want the Fisher Price video camera look?  ;-)

I've heard people quote estimates for some jobs involving lots of clients,
that the time needed to transfer is something like three times running time
multiplied by the number of clients in the room! ;-) Does anyone have any
theories or "rules of thumb about this?