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Re: Sorry, Beta level

Hi Dave, John,

And I thought that I was hearing about connectors I had _never_ seen on a DVNR

Unfortunately, the ADC/DAC boards that are available as options internal to the
DVNR do not support removing and adding setup in 525 operations. These boards,
while excellent products at the time of design, suffer from two limitations. One
is the previously mentioned lack of setup strip/add (they were designed in UK,
so I think that at that time 625 was primary consideration, which does not use
setup); the other is that the ADC is 8 bit. These boards are actually OEM from
Vistek, who has since come out with a new and improved set of ADC/DAC, which
support switchable strip/add of setup, precision 10 bit path on both sides, etc.
The only drawback is that the new boards do not mount internally to the DVNR,
but must reside in a 1RU chassis outside the NR. They can link to the DVNR by
either serial or parallel digital I/O. I have not been informed of any current
plans to support the new analog boards inside the DVNR frame. 

If anyone has more specific questions, please contact me outside this forum at:
75450,3266 at compuserve.com

Best, Ed Elliott