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Re: hi-res 1440 telecine

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It isn't exactly 1440 lines of resolution, what it is is double the sample
rate of 4:2:2 so it is actually 8:4:4.  The 1440 refers to 1440 digital
samples per line as opposed to 601's 720 samples per line. It is possible. 
The HD version of Rank MK3's do a similar thing by opening the analog
bandwidth of the color channel and putting a faster rate "Digiscan" on the
output. High-Res 1440 version leaves the scan rates at the normal 525 or 625,
opens the analog channel to 20MHz and use a new "Digiscan" from Technische
that clocks at twice the normal rate.  Sony makes a black box to do a 2:1
compression to squeeze the 8:4:4 down to a recordable 4:2:2 for mastering or
the 8:4:4 can be multiplexed and recorded simultaneously on 2 D-1 recorders
for full non-compressed mastering.  What all this gets you is a 625
"Super-Master" that can very easily record all the information on a wide
screen film at twice the normal sample rate, sort of a digital anamorpic
interpositive.  Then this master can go through Digital Vision's box to be sub
sampled to create 525 and 625 Pan and Scan, Letterbox, etc. masters all from
the same 625 film transfer. A big savings in Film to Tape booking for the
clients.  Even if a Cinemascope 2.35:1 film transferred in this way is
squeezed to make a 1.33:1 pan and scan version the final resolution of D-1 is
still all there.  What I would like to know is has anyone seen this process
yet and is it as good as it sounds on paper?
Dave Corbitt, Manhattan Transfer, NYC

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Subject: hi-res 1440 telecine

Hello Dave,

This message is in regards to Preffered Video's "Turbo II
upgrade path to 1440 lines of resolution.

Is this smoke and mirrors or reality?

Thanks for the information on the DVNR gear.