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DAT use with TLC, dailies

                      Subject:                              Time:  11:28 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         DAT use with TLC, dailies             Date:  5/22/95

We have been using Sony 7030 and 7050 DAT's for some time in Film to Tape and
the colorists report no sync during Assemble edits (SimulDAT") especially with
the 7030's.  I know Gary Adams is working on the TLC protocol to get better
control of the DAT's.  What experience do others in the group have with making
"SimulDAT" recordings during dailies jobs? Do other DAT's, such as Otari, have
control software that TLC can talk to? This is particularly a problem on lower
budget jobs where the only Video recording device is a 3/4 deck so a clone of
the audio with corresponding timecode taken from the video deck would be
unacceptable to use for the audio conform.  For jobs using D-2 or D-1 as the
record medium a DAT clone for the audio is fine.
Dave Corbitt, Manhattan Transfer, NYC