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Re: monitor awards in L.A.


  Sorry for the late response but I just returned from a week out of town.
I'm taking you up on your promise to attend the judging session on Thursday
at Dubs, Inc. I have today agreed to go, as I went last year, and was proud
to do so. As a past (and present) entrant and recipient of the Monitor Award,
I'd be honored to have the calibre of the judging enhanced by your presence,
as well as any of the other colorists in the group. I was a little
dissappointed last year by the general lack of enthusiasm shown by the few
attending colorists, most of whom felt they had been coerced into judging
year after year.  Since this award is really the only recognition of our
particular craft, it's unfortunate that there is not more widespread
participation in its presentation.  I hope to see you there this year.

I also want to extend a warm welcome to an esteemed colleague, and old
friend, Mr. Dave Corbitt. Glad to see that in such a short time you've
already made a large contribution to the discussions. You gotta ease up on
that Masking thing, though. ; )

David Bernstein
The Post Group