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Re: Dave Corbitt and Masking

On May 17,  9:40, David L. Tosh wrote:
} Subject: Dave Corbitt and Masking

> Dave Corbitt (dave_corbitt at ny-admin.mte.com) wrote:
> > 6.  Pet Peeve---Not enough people out there are using Masking.  Of
> Using Kodak TAF and URSA's variable masking, how do you set masking? I know

}-- End of excerpt from David L. Tosh

to Dave T: Dave Corbitt has a document regarding the setup of user
Masking on the Ursa, that is encoded using BinHex, because it mixes
graphics and text.  If you, or anyone, would like this document,
perhaps Dave C. can send it along.

I'm not sure how many of us can decode BinHex.

Personally, I feel the matter of mail attachments is not sorted out
yet, and that for now, best place for mixed graphics and text is the
'Web.  So, if anyone can take this BinHex file and create a .jpg or
.gif from it, I'll include it in our telecine web effort.


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