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Re: Good Sound Followers ?

Sorry..resent, made a mistake on the first one.

>We are looking for a new sound follower due to our Ferrit >getting 
>rather touchy in its old age, one of the options under >consideration
>is a unit from Magnatech.

Magnatech!!!!   UGH!!!!  A magnatech is a steroid ridden ferret on prozac!

Unless you WANT to make confetti out of your film, or possibly take the arm
off of one of your telecine assists.

Actually I am being sarcastic up to a point...Magnatech is hopelessly antique
technology, it is not made anymore, so only used  (very used) ones are
available.  Also, the price for these used units in comparable to a new unit
from another mfg.  They  do not handle film well, are not easy to work
on...(your engineer will hate you)  Parts are not readily available, and they
are expensive.

AT Post Logic, we use Sondor units.  They are capstan driven from bi-phase ,
the servos well damped and are very reliable, and sound reproduction is
consistent.   It uses a micro-processor for control. The handling of film is
exceptionally gentle. It has removable head stacks.  The decks are low
profile, so two units fit above and below each other in one 19" standard
rack.  Problem...I believe these were made in Germany, and they are also out
of production...HOWEVER...I would not hesitate to purchase a used unit.
 Documentation is thorough and consise, and circuits are straightforward and
accessable.  I understand that the price is quite reasonable.
Of course, stacks are modular.  We have 4 of them...two players in one rack,
and a player/recorder and a player in the other rack.

There is another mfg still in production...that is a Swiss unit called
Perfectone.  It is also capstan driven from biphase as as well, and has a
micro-processor for control. It has the same features as the Sondor unit.  It
will do self pull-downs, with optional software addition.  They are not as
small as the Sondor units, so one to a rack is the scheme.

Good luck,