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Re: URSA CRT Protection

>                      Subject:                              Time:  5:57 PM
>  OFFICE MEMO         URSA CRT Protection                   Date:  5/22/95
>Has anyone had the experience of using a Scan Effect with URSA and then found
>that the CRT was irreparably damaged?  Last week we had a colorist do a simple
>rotation in run forward.  Afterwards he asked me what the diagonal line in the
>picure was.  It was obviously a rotated scan collapse burn.
>Dave Corbitt, MTE, NYC

Hi Dave.  That happened to us at Video Post within weeks of installing our
URSA Gold last winter.  Our colorist did several effects and latter
dicovered numerous random razor sharp diagonal burn marks.

When we reported this to Rank, their response was "that wasn't supposed to
happen" and that we were supposed to wait at least 600 hours before trying
any tricks with a new tube. (Now kids, don't try this at home...)  What a

Simply put, no further effects are now performed on the URSA (or will be in
the future)...  And we refused to pay for the new replacement tube.

So nice to see you on the net, Dave.  This is my first posting.  You know
you can easily get me motivated whenever requesting anecdotes about my
favorite company in the U.K...      -Neil Feldman, Video Post and Transfer,