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DAT & Dailies

Hi Dave
I recently finished a film which required DAT Dailies, 3/4", 1", Nagra & the 
URSA.  We had lots of syncing problems on the first day.  I called Gary 
Adams as well as the group and what we came up with is as follows;
     .1  Do a preview edit with all machines involved in the edit.          
Set the DAT's, Park position to "O".  It may take a couple          of trys 
to get the edit to go. 
     .2  When sync is achieved set the park position of the DAT to          
+2 frames.  This will move the tape machine 2 frames               closer to 
the edit so the TSO won't hit so hard. I have            been able to get 
about 85% of the edits done on the first          pass with this set-up.    

In regards to you masking posting, I use the maksing on the telecine but 
would be happier if I could turn the telecine in a broadcast telecine, as 
opposed to a production telecine, to make 
an exact copy of what the film looks like? 
What I mean is if a client asks you to show them what the film actually 
looks like to able to align a telecine to be in unity 
and improve the picture from there? 

Fred Benedckt at the CBC in Toronto has done a lot of work in this area with 
calibrate field test charts and test film for the telecine. DSC Labs in 
Toronto make these telecine products which have exact luminance and 
chromanice and phase values noted for each colour and grey step.  I'm not 
sure how other colourists use TAF unless it is calibrate for correct 
colourimetry.  Any comments anyone?


Lorne Miess 
Studio Post & Transfer