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Re: Good Sound Followers ?

Hi Donna

> >Magnatech!!!!   UGH!!!!  A magnatech is a steroid ridden ferret >on prozac!
> Unless you WANT to make confetti out of your film, or possibly take the arm
> off of one of your telecine assists.

So do you like them or not  <g>

> AT Post Logic, we use Sondor units.  They are capstan driven from bi-phase ,
> the servos well damped and are very reliable, and sound reproduction is
> consistent.   It uses a micro-processor for control. The handling of film is
> exceptionally gentle. It has removable head stacks.

As it happens we have been playing around with an old Sondor Oma 3,
it works but there are a couple of things that I am not very keen on,
firstly the shuttle speed is on the slow side with a 20-30 sec re-lock 
time behind the TK and secondly the mag doesn't lift off the head when 
spooling which would really get to me after a while.
I take it your units don't have the relock problem ?

Thanks for all the replies on this subject
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