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Re: DAT & Dailies (TAF and the transparent telecine)

On Wed, 24 May 1995 atoms at ccinet.ab.ca (Andy Toms) said: (actually, Lorne
signed this - ) 
>What I mean is if a client asks you to show them what the film actually  
>looks like to able to align a telecine to be in unity  
>and improve the picture from there?  
That's a tough one!  I've always suspected it should be a realizable goal,
but in the "real world"  I always find notable differences between each
shoot, even if it's the same DP and the same kind of setting.  It's
interesting to note that research is being done; please keep us informed on
As for TAF, my understanding is that the colors on the film were never
intended to fit in the vectorscope as color bars.  I use TAF to bring the
telecine (or more correctly, the DaVinci's base memory) close with respect
to the PECs and neg. matchers.  I usually then leave the TAF setting as the
superuser's setting (vta for DaVinci), and then derive my own basemem from
a starting point at the TAF.  Once I note how frequently I change things in
a certain way from the TAF, one of those times when I perform those
changes, I hit <cmd> base mem.  I continue to refine it, and just about
when it seems perfect, it's time for a new tube!