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Re: Good Sound Followers ?

>Hi all
>We are looking for a new sound follower due to our Ferrit getting 
>rather touchy in its old age, one of the options under consideration
>is a unit from Magnatech.
>While I have used their devices in the past in a film 
>dubbing situation I would be interested in any thoughts the group
>may have on this (and other makes) in a Telecine environment.
>Brian    TVP London
>Internet  : Brian at deepstar.demon.co.uk
>Compuserve: 100120,1125
I hear Magnatech is alive and (almost) well in Flordia. I have been using a
Magnatech as a Mag Follower since 1980. My specialty is Feature work, and I
find Magnatech perfectly suited to the task. The Key here is to keep the
devices properly maintained. I have a proof of performance done by our audio
people at least twice a year. The head stacks, and bearings must be kept in
good rapair. The preamps must be evaluated on a regular basis. Do not remove
the shields from the head stacks.  Two of our Magnatechs have been certified
for THX mastering.

 At Complete Post, we have 4 Magnatechs and 1Perfectone (as we like to call
it). I would take a Magnatech ANYTIME over the Im-Perfectone (as "we" like
to call it). Many of our operators would prefer to use a Magnatech down the
hall - or - on another floor - rather than have to use the Perfectone in the
same room.

If the choice were made simply by looking at the two machines, the
Perfectone would win every time. But, if you want your sound to remain in
sync with the picture, then choose the Magnatech. Yes, Magnatech is "old"
technology...old proven technology. If kept in good repair, they are
workhorses and will outlast any (many) Rank(s). Yes, Engineers curse and
complain when having to maintain the devices - come to think of it...our
engineers curse and complain when maintaining ANY device.

Thats not to say that an improvement cannot be made...the location of the
preamp controls is simply dreadfull, and I urge you NEVER to press rewind
when the mag is threaded for sound.  In fact, we have disabled both rewind
and fast forward on these decks. There is certainly nothing modern or
hi-tech about these units, but they are solid and very reliable if well

And then there is the RCA Photophone...

Tom Nottingham
Complete Post, Inc.

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