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Yet another plug for our group's fledgling World Wide Web page, as
written and maintained by me:

If you have the capability, I urge you to check out the telecine
webpage and then tell me how you'd improve it, or indeed if it's
at all useful to you, or could be in the future.  

URL is http://www.alegria.com/telecinehome.html

As the Web grows (and that growth seems logarithmic) I perceive an
evolution into advertisement, which for the browser might not be
unlike opening a thick magazine to find few articles between the ads.
The ads themselves are fine, and the marketplace will settle the
question of what succeeds and what doesn't, but it would be nice to
have some real information available.  People also tend to believe
what they read, and there's no editorial body responsible for Web
publishing, so caveat emptor.

I envision the telecine group page as a sort of "intersection" for
telecine-related materials... that includes us, trade groups,
facilities (6 are represented), manufacturers (1), and anything else
we find interesting.