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    Don't get me wrong about Magnatech (or wreck), I have had a love hate 
relationship with them for about 13 years or so.  The first one I dealt 
with was in hyper wind from having too much tape on the core, and since I 
was a Magnatech neophyte, it bit me! After bleeding profusely, I gained a 
healthy respect/contempt for these machines!  Since then, knowing how to care 
for and feed them has helped pay my mortgage, but I still would not turn 
my back on one! I do have to admit that they can sound very good, and 
work well if properly maintained.  I've had trouble getting some of the 
logic ICs, though. I'm glad they are not dead, but in Florida.  
    The Perfectones I've seem have worked quite well if fed a healthy 
biphase level from the telecine.
    All in all, I would welcome a higher tech replacement for mags like 
M.O. disc, or ADAT, or?  Maybe they are having trouble putting sprocket 
holes on them?  ;-)	
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