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Re: Followers

Tom Nottingham commented:  "I hear Magnatech is alive and (almost) well in
Flordia. I have been using a Magnatech as a Mag Follower since 1980."

Hey, and need I mention that out of every possible mag machine George Lucas
could afford to buy, what did they get for Skywalker Sound?  About 100
Magnatechs.  I couldn't believe it either, but the THX guys swear by them. 
They modify the heck out of them, and I suspect they have parts to last them
until they finish STAR WARS Chapter 10.  :-)  

Like you say, the Magnatech's are workable and can sound great, provided you
have a decent engineering department and operators who know how to finesse
them.  BTW:  I got a real kick out of somebody else's comment about how the
Magnatech breaks telecine assistants arms.  Of course, you and I work for a
company that gives us higher pay instead of telecine assistants.  I'll take the
bucks over comfort any day.  <large grin>

--Marc Wielage
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