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Re: New Lipsner Smith Film Clea

>                      Subject:                              Time:  11:32 AM
>  OFFICE MEMO         New Lipsner Smith Film Cleaner        Date:  5/26/95
>Does anyone have first hand experience with the Alcohol based Lipsner Smith 
>XCEL-900 film cleaner?
>Dave Corbitt
>Manhattan Transfer, NYC
Acording to my cohort here LS is suppose to be shipping us one "Real Soon 
Now" We just got rid of our last drum of 1,1,1 yesterday. I am again happy 
that the stuff is gone. 
Anyone interested in the old LS CF-200 cleaner?
Steve Darsey, N5PMB                    "Where's the hose box?"
sdarsey at metronet.com                    -=Me, storm chasing=-