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Re: Good Sound Followers ?

Hi John and welcome

(I have quoted all of your message below,as the version that made 
it to the list had your sig but not the body text.)

>         Greetings, I just joined this Telecine forum. I'm delighted with
> the professionalism found in this cyberspace.

Agreed, I think Rob's done a great job getting it together,I
think this is what's known as a low noise,high quality list.

> I related to your Sound
> Follower dilemma. We have one Ferrit which is still in daily use. Three
> years ago we purchased a Perfectone as an additional dubber since Rank no
> longer manufactured Ferrits. If you liked the Ferrit, you will love the
> Perfectone. It is built with Swiss perfection. It keeps perfect sync, never
> fails, and has wonderful sound reproduction. Hundreds of miles of mag have
> passed over its heads without tearing a single perf. Need I say more.
> John J. Dowdell 111

I have had quite a few emails singing the praises of Perfectone
and intend to contact them (anyone got their fax/phone num?).
I thought they would be at NAB last year but couldn't find them if 
they were.

Brian     TVP London

Internet  : Brian at deepstar.demon.co.uk
Compuserve: 100120,1125