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Re: Digital video links

On Jun 1,  7:49, Bruce Graham wrote:
} Subject: Digital video links

> Rob,
> You and the others might be interested in the following Web page, 
> which contains reference information on digital video, many links 
> to popular manufacturers, and also items concerning digital HDTV 
> development:
> http://www.hooked.net:80/users/rld/vidpage.html

This is a great reference, I'll have to peruse the links here and
grab/steal some for the telecine page!  I didn't know GVG had a
webpage, for example.  

When will Rank have their webpage? when will some Rank people
subscribe to this mailing list? a question for the sages....

--Rob (whose eyes are quite bleary after having spent 17.5 hours at
work yesterday pin-registering)

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