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registered print with Steadifilm Adam

My client needed to transfer print, for the look he likes.  Most of
the shots were to be composited, with an image to replace the blue
screen of the small monitor in the scenes, requiring two passes: a
beauty pass and a bluescreen pass (to go into Henry).  Client supplied
registered (B&H perf) print.

I found the film wouldn't seat about 30% of the frames on the
Steadifilm Adam gate.  These frames just wouldn't register fully onto
the pins.  We increased settle time (from 4 to 16), Accom delay time,
and entered shrunken film mode, to stop the advance motor during
seating.  These methods seemed to improve the seating, but still 10%
of the frames wouldn't seat...

We flopped the film, after observing that the curl was opposite to
that of negative (I remember having done this a couple of years ago in
the same situation), and I unflopped with Ursa scan effects.  This
improved our seating situation to 99.5% and allowed me to do the job,
though on some (rather pushed in terms of exposure) shots I had a nice
burn line on the right side from the reversed patch.

Is anyone here experienced in the ways of registered print and the
Adam gate?  Is my encounter unusual?

It was suggested that print film has slightly different perf pitch
(even registered print has this) than negative, to allow the two
elements to wrap around something cylindrical in the printing process,
which takes the film out of the Adam's tolerance.  Can anyone confirm


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