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Positive Steadifilm


   I'm sorry to hear about your marathon Steadifilm session (with 
Positive no less!). If I remeber correctly from my film lab R&D days at Deluxe 
Labs, negative film uses a BH perf (having rounded corners), and positive 
uses KS (which has square corners).  The BH perf is designed to be fully 
engaged by the pin in a pin registered camera or pin registered printer. The 
square cornered perf was designed to allow the positive film to mesh on with 
the negative when printing.  Someone please correct me if my memory is in err, 
but if both perfs are the same exact size, the printer sprocket teeth cannot 
properly engage both stock's perferations during high speed contact printing.
Because the sprocket teeth are tapered, the positive sits on the bottom and 
the negative on top.
   Since the KS or "positive" perfs are larger, I would not be suprised 
if the Adam would have trouble with it (though Brian Brown would be the 
most qualified to answer that question).  Further, if the film did make it 
through the gate without jamming; would it really be Steady, or would there be
some slight weave induced by the pins not fully engaging the perfs? With 
the original Steadifilm gate, I was warned not to attempt using it with 
positive for the above mentioned reasons.  How about Pin Up? Can it do 
   Flipping the film may have helped if there was a slight warp to it due 
to the inclination of the warp perhaps? This opens yet another 
potential topic: warped films from labs.  I've seen a lot recently. Are they 
using blow torches to dry film out there?  
    Anyway, I would tend to guess that a RTS gate would be the most     
efficient way to complete this kind of transfer with minimal hair loss. =;-)

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