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Re: Positive Steadifilm

On Jun 1, 17:35, Craig Nichols wrote:
} Subject: Positive Steadifilm

>    I'm sorry to hear about your marathon Steadifilm session (with
> Positive no less!). If I remeber correctly from my film lab R&D
> days) at Deluxe Labs, negative film uses a BH perf (having rounded corners),
> and positive uses KS (which has square corners).  The BH perf is

Thanks for the information Craig.  As I noted in my original post, the
print I received was registered, with Bell & Howell perforations.  If
the KS perf was designed for the reason you outline, which sounds
reasonable, then I suppose the process of striking a registered print
must be quite different, because that print can (and by definition does?)
have B&H perfs.

Bill Topazio chimed in with some verification:

> Yup, it's apparently true, for the very reason you note- the contact 
> printing process wraps 2 pieces of film around the cylindrical printer
> head, so the perfs need to be at a slightly different pitch. This has
> always confounded the mechanical pin-reg mechanisms.

And he added:

> BTW, all things being equal, we have found that a good ultrasonic
> cleaning prior to pinning tends to restore the original dimensional
> qualities of the film and therefore improves overall performance on
> the pins. But I don;t know if this amounts to a hill of beans when
> dealing with print.

Maybe sometime I'll get a chance to try that, it sounds worthwhile.

>     Anyway, I would tend to guess that a RTS gate would be the most
> efficient way to complete this kind of transfer with minimal hair
> loss. =;-)

As Craig Nichols also noted.  I'd like to hear more about the
experiences of those using RTS/Metaspeed+ systems: specifically, on
what jobs would you *not* use RTS/M+, and use a pin method instead?


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