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Re: Positive Steadifilm

>Thanks for the information Craig.  As I noted in my original post, the
>print I received was registered, with Bell & Howell perforations.  If
>the KS perf was designed for the reason you outline, which sounds
>reasonable, then I suppose the process of striking a registered print
>must be quite different, because that print can (and by definition does?)
>have B&H perfs.
>Bill Topazio chimed in with some verification:
>> Yup, it's apparently true, for the very reason you note- the contact 
>> printing process wraps 2 pieces of film around the cylindrical printer
>> head, so the perfs need to be at a slightly different pitch. This has
>> always confounded the mechanical pin-reg mechanisms.


Oops!  While you may have been blurry eyed from your pin reg marathon, when
I first read you post I was somewhat in "vege mode" myself from being on
baby patrol the night before.  So, I missed the part about the positive
being registered.  Oh well,  Mr. Mom here needs to go change yet another
diaper! ;-)