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Re: Positive Steadifilm

At 11:59 PM 6/1/95 GMT, 228914 at KP26 wrote:
>*** Reply to note of 06/01/95 20:40
>From: Nestor M. Rodriguez, MP&TV Imaging, Miami, 06069
>Subject: Positive Steadifilm
>Hi Craig,
>  Another important feature was to increase the perf pitch (the
>perf-to-perf distance) by .0004" since during continuous contact printing the
>print film rides on top of the negative as they wrap around the printer
>sprocket wheel, and therefore its diameter is slightly larger than the negative
>below it.  Hope this information helps...
>                            Nestor
>(K-Net Prefix: 73)
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>kp26.228914 at kodako.kodak.com

Hi Nestor,

Thanks for the clarification.  It's been a few years since I was in R&D Film
Lab Land.  I could not remeber if the positive was on top or bottom.  It's
coming back to me now.  Is that ECP developer I smell?  ;-)