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Smoking in facilities

                      Subject:                              Time:  1:35 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         Smoking in facilities                 Date:  6/5/95

I wonder if the telecine group members could relate their feelings and
findings and company policies regarding smoking in their facilities?  Here in
New York City there is a local ordinance that states smoking is prohibited in
any work space of two or more people where any person present objects to
environmental tobacco smoke.  Smoking is permitted in  individual rooms if the
air is separately ventilated and not mixed with the air of other offices or
work spaces.  The local law is very specific.  However,  since we are a
service industry we often find we are requested to cater to clients who insist
it is their "Right" to smoke during an Edit or Film Transfer.  No one wants to
lose clients.  It has become a very emotional issue here with some employees
afraid to speak up for fear of angering the clients.  Let the feedback begin!
Dave Corbitt
Manhattan Transfer, NYC