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Re: Smoking in facilities

On Jun 5, 15:14, "Dave Corbitt" wrote:
} Subject: Smoking in facilities

> I wonder if the telecine group members could relate their feelings and
> findings and company policies regarding smoking in their facilities?
> Here in New York City there is a local ordinance that states smoking
> is prohibited in

Here in Los Angeles, *nobody* ever smokes in a session of mine, or in
a session of anyone else's, because (I believe?) it is illegal, and I
have to say that I never have a problem with anyone about it.  If a
client wishes to smoke, they go outside.  And it's accepted!
Miraculous but true!  Have never heard of losing a client due to it.
And before it became illegal (if in fact it is), I never had a problem
in asking a client not to smoke in the telecine bay, which I believe,
looking back over the years, I only had to do once, back in 1988 or
so.  [of course up until 1985, I smoked in the bay myself ;-)]

I wonder if I can assume most other facilities in L.A. are as Editel
in this regard?  And, if so, can we extend the comparison to the 
significant difference between New Yawk and Greater Disneyland?


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