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Re: Smoking

Between 5 and 7 years ago the facilities who have telecines in Los Angeles
 started prohibiting smoking.  It was wierd, I don't know who started it, but
the rule is pretty much hard and fast.   I have noticed some bend to the rule
in the edit bay, but any engineer who has had to clean that brown stuff off a
switcher or edit controller or has replaced switches or keys gunked up with
nicotine will tell you that the equipment is much happier without it.   The
laws in the state of CA are now explicit and absolute in this area....  at
Post Logic, and all the other facilities I have worked at over the past 10
years the policy is no smoking inside bays or tech areas...period.  Usually
once it is explained to the client that their film and or tape is much safer
in a clean air environment, they  accept it.  They want their materials
protected at any cost.