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Re: Smoking in facilities

On Mon, 5 Jun 1995 "Dave Corbitt" <dave_corbitt at mte.com> said: 
>I wonder if the telecine group members could relate their feelings and 
>findings and company policies regarding smoking in their facilities?  
I guess I'm in the school of "The Customer Is Always Right".  Our facility
only has one ashtray, though, so clients know we aren't encouraging them! 
Say, perhaps we should book the ashtray like a session add-on... 
But seriously, I kind of wish they wouldn't smoke.  These days, I only have
a small handful of clients who do smoke during transfers (the percentage of
smoking clients has dropped a lot over the past few years!), so I just let
them light up.  Of course, I won't let them into the machine rooms should
they wish to until the smoke is out.