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re: smoking in facilities

Dave said,

>it is their "Right" to smoke during an Edit or Film Transfer.  No one wants >to lose clients.  It has become a very emotional issue here with some >employees afraid to speak up for fear of angering the clients.  Let the >feedback begin!
>Dave Corbitt
>Manhattan Transfer, NYC

Then I said,

We've had no problems with smoking clients being asked not to do that in our place. Most of them have more than enjoyed the trips out front to enjoy sun and the birds outside. Yes, there will be the a$$hole that comes around every so often bitchin' and moanin' about 'my right' stuff. For the one that I had to deal with was simple, smoking is not a right, it is a privlage. Privlages can be taken away. Anyway, this particular one was a problem child anyway, so we don't miss them.
If approached in the right way, most smokers don't mind grinding the butt out. I know, I'm an on again, off again smoker.

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