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Re: Pin registered prints

On Jun 7,  6:22, David L. Tosh wrote:
} Subject: Re: Pin registered prints

> We reversed the roll head to tails and flopped the picture as needed
> to produce the required cup direction of the film. Steadi-Film enables this
> by allowing you to reverse print to get the frame order right.

Dave, why did you have to reverse the film direction-- wouldn't
flopping it alone have acheived the desired effect?  Along with
adjusting some registers on the Adam-- entering shrunken film mode,
increasing the settle time-- it is what allowed my pinning of print to
succeed, finally.  Next time I will try cleaning the film.

>         BTW, how come you can't achieve the positive look required by the
> client with all that horsepower? (Un-called for dig of a colorist by an
> engineer!)

Uncalled-for, but having been asked that question so many times, I
should have a more rehearsed response.  To put it simply, I can't get
close to this client's look with negative: when I have tried, I have
entered the realm of extreme noise.  This look, though it varies from
job to job, generally includes a strong, crushed, black, a severely
stretched midrange, a clean, blown-out white, and a crispening of
detail.  I push the limits far enough that quantization, at times,
rears its ugly head in the grayscale.


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