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Re: Pix monitors on a film set

On Wed, 7 Jun 1995, Dave Corbitt wrote:

>                       Subject:                              Time:  1:10 PM
>   OFFICE MEMO         Pix monitors on a film set            Date:  6/7/95
> Here's a difficult one.  If a Video Monitor is part of the set during a film
> shoot and that monitor is displaying normal 60 field NTSC video and the film
> camera is recording 24 fps there is a very objectionable Shutter Bar recorded
> in the filmed image of the Video monitor.

Hi, Dave:

Back in the "old" days, (you know, way back in the mid-80's) I knew a few 
engineers who made a good living providing 655-modified monitor and 3/4" 
playback for just such occasions - the monitor sync is to 24fps, and solves 
the problem nicely.  I used this when I worked on Family Ties at 
Paramount.  Or cancel the bar with the variable shutter technique 
using a digitach-equipped camera.  Depends on whether you have control of 
the on-camera video stuff, and your budget, I suppose.

--Ralph Edwards