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more on Pix MON on film sho

                      Subject:                              Time:  9:05 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         more on Pix MON on film shoot         Date:  6/8/95

Thanks for the speedy feedback on using a picture monitor on a film shoot. 
Here is what our client has decided to do.  The monitor must show a live video
feed so we can't use 655/24 video played back from a specially prepared
modified 3/4" VCR playback.  The client is also using a 16mm Aaton camera for
the Aaton Code capability and ease of synching sound from a DAT in the
transfer session.  They have been able to get hold of a modified Video camera
that runs at 655/24 and will use that to create a 24 fps video source to feed
the monitor.  The monitor will be adjusted to display the 24 fps video at the
correct aspect ratio.
Dave Corbitt/MTE/NYC