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Re: Smoking in facilities

At 3:14 PM 6/5/95, Dave Corbitt wrote:
>                      Subject:                              Time:  1:35 PM
>  OFFICE MEMO         Smoking in facilities                 Date:  6/5/95
>I wonder if the telecine group members could relate their feelings and
>findings and company policies regarding smoking in their facilities?  Here =
>New York City there is a local ordinance that states smoking is prohibited =
>any work space of two or more people where any person present objects to
>environmental tobacco smoke.  Smoking is permitted in  individual rooms if =
>air is separately ventilated and not mixed with the air of other offices or
>work spaces.  The local law is very specific.  However,  since we are a
>service industry we often find we are requested to cater to clients who ins=
>it is their "Right" to smoke during an Edit or Film Transfer.  No one wants=
>lose clients.  It has become a very emotional issue here with some employee=
>afraid to speak up for fear of angering the clients.  Let the feedback begi=
>Dave Corbitt
>Manhattan Transfer, NYC

Hi Dave, good to hear from you. Mercifully, as from 1st January this year,=
 smoking was banned in all public places in California??  (Correct me here=
 Rob)! so Editel/LA, which was almost that way due to common consent, is now=
 an enforced no-smoking zone. As a reformed social smoker, I have particular=
 missionary zeal on this one. I cant honestly say that the film is any=
 cleaner or we have less dropouts as a result, but I always thought it=
 strange that people who handle film or videotape would smoke, especially=
 clients, who would be the first to bitch if *we* put gunk on their precious=
Anyway, now, clients just piss off outside and do their stuff. This is of=
 course a lot easier in single-story buildings in California, and it gets=
 them out of our hair for a while, especially if we've got a crisis.=20
I'm going over to London this month, so it will be interesting to compare my=
 old gig at The Moving Picture Company in this respect. As I recall, we=
 could never get rid of the smell from the fabric on the walls over there.=
 And then there was the peculiarly European practise of mixing *certain=
 substances* with their 'baccy ( wacky baccy, I think we used to call it). I=
 kinda miss that bit.......... :-)