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Re: 3Perf?

>3 perf has reared its' ugly head once more.  Does anyone have >experience 
>they might share with setting up a Mark IIIC for this?  We >have a gate.
>Is it usally pretty straightforward to change to 3 perf.  We >are hoping 
>to only have to do a few servo tweaks, and to just be very >careful with the


You know, I wish three perf would go back under the rock it came from and
die...however......there is always some film person who decides to try to
save some money by using it.   I have had experience with it.  It is straight
forward, once the proms are in, the servo should be close, the hard part is
having the patience to get the gates to match framing.  We had the gate
coded, so that all you did was install the three perf gate and the system
switched itself...now this was about 6 years ago, so coding may be standard
in the mod package by now.  (we used the 8mm code to switch the digi, and
added switches and pots for the servo...probably antique by now)  At any
rate, once the servo was set up it was solid and reliable.  You will need to
flood the tube after use to keep from ending up with an undesirable burn
pattern.  Also, you will probably have a heart attack when you see the grain
structure in the picture.  This is unavoidable, and is a trade off for using
a patch this size.
Good luck, it's ugly to look at, but not bad from an engineers point of view.