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Re: Methods of doing 3-perf?

>        Quick survey: Who is doing 3-perf and what systems (local
>modification, Rank kit, others) are in use? I worked out my own mods at
>Action Video (sometime in the last decade) and I see that Glenn Gundlach's
>UltraSpeed (from Sprocket Digital) is in 4 of our 5 telecines at Complete
>Post. What other methods are working?
>--- David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net  (CIS 72167,1376)

Hi Dave.

3-perf using any standard 4-perf gate is a built-in feature of the
Meta-Speed Digital Servo System.  You simply select this option and all
else (including active stop) automatically is enabled.  The Meta-Speed
system fits on all Rank telecines (MKIIIB, MKIIIC, Turbo 1 and 2, URSA, and
URSA Gold).  In most cases it consists of a simple swap of boards and no

        -Neil Feldman at Video Post and Transfer:  "I never Meta-Speed I
didn't like" - quote stolen from Mike Orton who stole it from someone