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Keykode Verification Films

About three months ago I mentioned the new 35mm Keykode numbers transfer 
verification test film from Kodak.  I'm wondering if some of you have used it. 
 If so, I'd like to know your reactions.  
	Its capabilities include providing an instant test for reading and 
recording Keykode numbers accurately, verifying that the correct frames have 
been digitized for nonlinear editing systems, and checking the accuracy of 
computer matchback software.
	There's now a 16mm version available also, and Kodak is working on a 
super-16 release.  I welcome user feedback.  Thanks.

Don Ver Ploeg
consultant to Kodak MP&TV Imaging
verploeg at eznet.net
phone 716/248-8058  fax 716/385-4874