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Re: 3Perf?

>On Fri, 9 Jun 1995, Craig Nichols wrote:
>> 3 perf has reared its' ugly head once more
>Have you got a MetaSpeed servo, by any chance?  

Yup, that's what I keep telling them, and I'm getting positve response. With
MetaSpeed, you can do 3 perf, Technoscope (2 perf), or 4 perf all with one
gate. With Clearview, and Digital Deflection the burn and tube grain
problems inherent to 3 perf, Super 16, and 16:9 should be banished.
Clearview, I've been told, will prevent the patch from ever being less than
32 lines, but unfortunately cannot be delivered in time to help our upcoming
test. The price, at about $30K, seems kind of steep to "bean counters" until
you point out the potential money savings they can reasonably anticipate
from longer tube life. Also, the appeal of  vertical anti-aliasing is well
Ralph, what is the current status of QuattroScan?  Does it work in
varispeed, and is the digital 4:2:2 output working? I have heard that it
works well with MetaSpeed presently.  Do you know how long the delivery time
is? Any comments?