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Re: 3Perf?

On Sun, 11 Jun 1995, Craig Nichols wrote:

> Ralph, what is the current status of QuattroScan?  Does it work in
> varispeed, and is the digital 4:2:2 output working? I have heard that it
> works well with MetaSpeed presently.  Do you know how long the delivery time
> is? Any comments?
> Craig
Yes, it works in varispeed, full Meta-Speed range, when you've got a 
digiscan as well.  4:2:2 is on schedule for month-end delivery.  Last quoted 
delivery time was 60 days.

Continuously variable speed with Meta-Speed feature is still in software 
development.  This will enable full varispeed even without a digiscan in 
the machine.  Talk is September for that and aperture correction - not much 
different now than the current delivery time.