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Re: more on Pix MON on shoot

Hi Dave,

Sorry for the late response on this but sometimes I'm a bit slow to read the
mail.  It sounds like you've worked it out already, but to answer your
original question, the Aaton Keylink system can be used to sync sound with 25
frame TC to an NTSC 24.98 fps transfer. If you run the Keylink in 25 fps
mode, it should generate TC at the properly pulled down rate, to which you
can then slave the sound deck.  I know this works with a Nagra, I'm not sure
about DAT.
The Aaton system will also properly read keycode at 24.98 while operating in
this mode, which can't be done by some other systems. This should allow the
Keylink system to generate a fairly accurate Flex-file as well, although I've
not tested that. 
This probably doesn't help you now, but perhaps this info may come in handy
at some future date.  This has proved to be a save-your-butt techique when
clients return from Europe with their film elements and forgot to tell the
film crew they wanted to post it in the US.

David Bernstein
The Post Group